Animal Refuge Kansai

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Our page has moved. We are still the same ARK doing the same good things for animals in Japan.
We are sorry to say we are no longer accepting overseas volunteers, but if you want to help you can. You can send us some things we always need, make a donation and of course offer a home to a dog or cat... or even just come and visit for the day and help us with the many things we do every day.

Our Mission

ARK promotes:
Neutering to prevent unwanted animals being born;
Education on how to care for and understand animals better;
Rehabilitation and rehoming of stray animals;
Enforcement of the existing animal protection law and lobbying for more effective ones.

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Organization News

Visit the new website, still in Japanese only but an English page is coming real soon.
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Becoming a Member

contact us if you want to join the ARK family.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

595 Noma Ohara
Osaka-fu 563-0131

Phone: Tel: +81 727 37 0712